Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How fresh are these point covers ?

These point covers are so fresh, I had to slap them when I took them out of the bubble wrap!

"But seriously folks....." I just got a new batch of stainless SF point covers in, these are the ones I put on the bikes that I build for people, and I sell them on my website, too.

I get these point covers laser cut by a guy who works out of a clapped-out bread factory in Detroit. In this shipment, he included a new design he'd like me to retail for him. I already have an exclusive on his Fuck kicker pedals, keychains, and pendants, so I said "Why not?".

The SF point covers are a high-polish finish, and the "Fuck You" point covers are a brush stainless. They all come with a new steel backing plate. The price on any of the point covers is $45.00 + S&H. If you'd like new chrome buttonhead allen mounting screws, add an additional $5.00 . For you Sporty guys, I'll set up your new backing plate so you can run them, no charge. Wadda deal!

Order them here:

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