Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm always surprised at who reads this blog........

....and I always dig getting an Email like this from somebody who does:

" Rich,
I saw the write up you did on Rooster's bike. That same article in Choppers magazine influenced me too. At the time I had been building rigid Harleys for 10 years and trying to get the *right* look.Rooster nailed it."

"I sent an attachment of the 93" Shovel I built the following year. Complete with Big Don spun aluminum oil tank like Roosters.
Today, I'm in the process of building another similar bike. This time I will use an S&S retro Shovel alt/generator style motor. Wet primary and 6 speed Baker trans.
FYI, I own
Head Quarters
, manufacturer of performance equipment for Harleys. Been in this business for 41 years."
Doug Coffey

Thank you Doug, for taking time out of your busy day to send me this. I truly appreciate it!


Mitch said...

Yeah thanks, Doug! Thanks Rich. Rooster's bike is absolutley one of my all time favorite bikes.

STANDARD said...


Thanks Again... for what you do..
Its the History from all you Grey Beards..that sparks the fire in the upcoming Generations!