Friday, August 27, 2010

A few posts back, I showed you the R/H side of Rocky's CFL, and the mid controls I was fabricating, using a set of roached-out JayBrake forwards for parts. I wanted to wait until I had the whole setup functioning, but Rick Labriola (of L.A. Jocky Shift fame) is splining a shift lever rod for me, and I haven't gotten it yet. Rick's in the process of moving from one shop location to another, and his foot clutches and relocation takes precedent, and I understand.

The goal was to use as many parts from the JayBrake components as I could, and fab the rest. It worked out great on the R/H side, but I couldn't use any of the L/H side's forward components, because JayBrake has a oddball sized shift lever shaft and lever, so........

Rocky originally bought this used 3" BDL setup on Ebay. I cut a 5/16" plate to fit between his pulleys, and then I figured out the position and height of the footpeg mount to match his R/H side. From there, I was able to figure out the position of his shifter shaft tube. The shifter shaft tube runs thru the motor plate similar to the FXR/Dyna. When I get the shifter shaft from Rick, I'll be able to fab up the linkage, show you how the shifter will actually function.

Once I got everything TIG'd up on his plate, it was easy to transfer the measurements for their location to the pattern I had previously made for his outer belt guard. With everything marked out, Part-timer Steve cut the outer guard out of 5/16" 6061 aluminum plate, and I dolled it up with my usual "speedball" hole pattern. The outer guard is mounted with two of the old BDL stand-offs, they worked perfect.

You can see the shifter shaft tube location in relation to the footpeg a little better here. We'll use an OEM FL shift lever. The whole mid control assembly is held to the motor plate itself with four 3/8" countersunk allen bolts, threaded directly into the motor plate. Again, you see the fancy-schmancy Joker Machine BMX-style footrest, and the shift lever will get the matching Joker peg. All in all, a pretty simple setup.

"So, tell me are you going to get that outer belt guard plate off now, if the belt or anything on the primary needs servicing?"

I'm glad you asked me that...... I extended the clevis block back into the tubing a couple inches for support, then I drilled the tubing and the clevis block together, and used a drift pin (see the red arrow) to secure the clevis block. When the belt needs to be serviced, you can knock the pin out, and remove the whole footpeg/clevis to take off the outer belt guard. Pretty simple solution.

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