Monday, September 14, 2009

Von Dutch Monday II

Here's Von Dutch working at Competition Auto Body in Hollywood. You've probably seen the famous picture of Dutch standing behind a glass window striping. This is the shop where the window was located. Actually, Dutch put that window in the pass-thru door between the body shop and the paint area. A good friend of Dutch's told me he got tired of people smacking him with the door, so he installed the glass in it.

Look at the wall behind Von Dutch. The wall is covered with hundreds of left hands. Dutch used his own hand as a "spray mask", using his right hand to spray them. It's said he did the whole wall in one evening. Also, in Von Dutch's best "curbside manners", the sign hanging over his work area says "As a stranger you are judged and labeled as a thief in this shop". The sign was done to purposefully piss people off, and to discourage people from coming in to talk to him.
A beautiful collection of Von Dutch crafted lock-back knives. The walnut and ivory inlay work is flawless. I've heard that Dutch used old piano keys as his source of ivory.

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J-Rod said...

Those knives are BA.