Monday, September 28, 2009

More Sammy Pierce goodness.........

Here's another of Sam Pierce's projects to bring back the Indian Motorcycle. This prototype was built by Sam in '67, and he dubbed it the Warrior. It was based on the Indian Scout engine, and Pierce was going to offer them in 500, 750, 825, and 900 cc displacements. You can see that the frame for the Warrior is the same 841 frame he used as the foundation of the American Rocket, but with a Scout bolt-on rigid rear section fitted. Pierce must have gotten a shitload of these 841 frames at surplus auction!

The parts were to be all NOS Indian, and Pierce definitely had the parts stash to build with. The only parts that weren't to be original Indian were the fiberglass combination gas tank/oil tank/seat unit, and the Pierce designed and Flanders-bent handlebars. This fiberglass unit was made by Don Jones of American Competition Frames, in a red metalflake (WOW!) gelcoat, with a diamond pattern leather seat. Note this combo predates the offerings in this style of both the Tracy and the Vetter units people are more familiar with.

Check out the slash cut straight pipes! In this shot, you can see the combination fuel tank/oil tank filler cap configuration. Sam Pierce was quoted as saying " 296 lbs, $25.00 per cu. in. (for the 45 cu. in.) with lights, and a guaranteed 100 mph". Also in the future plans was the option of the 841's original plunger rear suspension, and further off was the adaptation of the Indian vertical twin's full swingarm rear as well. Pierce also claimed he was ramped up to build 300 of these bikes in '68, but in reality, only a handfull of the Warriors were ever actually completed.

After my American Rocket post further below, I recieved an Email from a fella who knows Bob Stark (another big name in the Indian restoration), and he tells me that Stark is restoring a couple of these Pierce Warriors at his home workshop. I asked if he'd mind snapping a couple photos for the blog, and hopefully he'll be able to. If he does, I'll share them with everybody.


Noot said...

Nice article - You're a good writer for a biker.

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Wow, cool stuff.