Monday, September 28, 2009

Along the same line as below......

Take a look at this photo, and tell me who's style and work it is. Is it Von Dutch? Looks like his style. Dean Jeffries? His style carries a BIG Von Dutch influence, because Jeffries was a Von Dutch protege'.

Well, the work is from Damon Richie. The flame layout shows a Von Dutch style to it, and the flames were done as described in the post below. Five colors were sprayed on, then selectively wet sanded out to blend the colors. Now do you want to try this technique? Sorry, this is the only photo I have on this bike.

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Capt. Cal said...

Good stuff Rich. I used the same technique on a flamed tank 2 years ago except I used spray bombs. It is labor intesive, but damn do you get a cool effect when your done.