Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're getting there.........

Here's the new neck configuration completed. The sleeves were slid down the new downtube, then the downtube itself was welded to the neck. Then, the sleeves were slid up, and welded to the neck also. Then the gusset, the socket for the lower tanktube, and the lower tanktube itself were welded. After that, the webbing strip was added to the back of the gusset.

Like I said before, I wanted a more "stock" looking neck area. I think we came pretty close in that idea. I still have to finish detail the neck, but I'm burnt, and there are customer's paying jobs that need my attention more than this right now.
Here's where we're at right now. The neck is gusseted and welded, the lower tank bar is welded in, and the seatpost forging area is boxed in, and all completed.

Next, we'll drop a set of cases in the frame, and do the front case mounting pad mods. Then, we'll repair/redo the transmission frame area, and the last thing I'll tackle is the 1/16" dia. HOLE and 1/4" long CRACK I found in the upper right rear frame leg, right on the side of the tube at the rear seat crossover forging. I thought it was just a spot of bondo the sandblaster didn't get out of a pit, silly me! Because it's right at the furnace brazed lug, I'm going to have to take the TIG, and silicon bronze repair it. Not fun!
The seatpost forging - plated on the bottom, boxed in on the side, and blended to the backbone sleeves. I don't usually box in the sides, but the forging web area was so far gone underneath, there wouldn't have been any support or strength if I hadn't.
Hooo le Fuck! You don't know how much hand work is in this area to blend everything in. Just go back down the blog, and see what this area looked like if you haven't seen it previously.


tiptopdadddy said...

Dude, I can't even believe it. You are the Fellini of frames!

Daddy Frisco said...

wow!, that sure is something....cant wait for more updates on this build.....pure art!

CycleDelicCycles said...

Killer job, Rich. That thing looks tits.

drsprocket said...

Rich, In a word, "BITCHIN".