Thursday, February 26, 2009

Killer big Flattie

This photograph is a little faded, because it was tacked up in my garage (along with Rooster's Shovel) for over 15 years. I always thought this was a killer bike. This picture came from the June '73 issue of Choppers magazine. It was part of an article called "The Bikes of The Northern California Hells Angels". I kept this picture and Rooster's bike picture from his Choppers feature tacked up for inspiration.

It had all the trad stuff for the day - wishbone frame with a 1/2" rake, Wassell tank, 8over 'glide forks, Sporty fork boots, Flanders #1 bars, 21" front wheel, and shotgun pipes. Seating was a Bates solo with p-pad. There were some different parts on this bike, too. There were the sidecar triple clamps, the 5 qt. oil tank, and a Bates ribbed fender that was cut so it hinged up to change the tire. It also mentioned that Pete Knell (former pres. of the Frisco Charter) had done the tranny.

I found another article that had this bike featured in it, along with a K Model that the owner had talked about building as his next project in the Choppers article. It was a feature on the Richmond Show from the Feb. '77 issue of Street Chopper. In the SC article, it said the bikes were owned by "Angelo", and so did his show cards. In the earlier Choppers article, they said the bike was owned by "Tony". I just assumed that for the show, Tony took the name "ANGELo" to stay anonymous for his own reasons. Probably never know for sure.

Here's a picture taken of "Angelo's" Flattie in the Richmond show article from the Feb. 77 issue of Street Chopper. His K Model is visable in the background.

The K Model that "Angelo" talked about building in the Choppers Magazine feature. From the Street Chopper Richmond Show article. Check the Super Glide gas tank, and rectangular Ciebie headlamp.

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