Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Found these...........

I found these stuck in my 1967 high school yearbook. Why I saved these I don't know (maybe my mom stuck them in there), but they're the ticket stubs from the first two concerts I ever went to - both in 1966.

Seeing those stubs, I remembered what a thrill it was for a 14 year old kid living in Buffalo, NY to see the Byrds - an actual band from Los Angeles, California. The long hair, the cool clothes, the live music - they had a profound influence on my young life at the time. They were one of my favorite bands, but I remember hearing a lot of music at the concert I'd never heard before. The Byrds were changing their music, and they played a lot of material that they were working on for their milestone album 5th Dimension. I remember hearing 5D, Mr. Spaceman, and I See You at that concert.

The Rolling Stones? Well, they were the ROLLING STONES! They had just released Aftermath, and I definately remember them doing Paint It Black, Stupid Girl, and Lady Jane. Well actually, it was pretty hard to hear, between the endless screams from the girls (including my date), and the marginal sound system. There was an opening band for them, but I don't remember who it was.

Check out the ticket price for The Stones - FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS! FOR FLOOR SEATS! I remember the tickets were $3, $4, and $5, and I wanted to impress my date with the most expensive seats. It worked. When I said goodnight to her, I got not only a kiss, but I got to feel her tits through her blouse. What a dog I was! The Byrds tickets were cheaper, they were $2, $3, and $4. I got the $3 ones, but there were only about 1,800 seats I think, so I had a really good view.

It's funny, but back then a band's record sales sold out the band's tour dates, and now the band's tour dates sells the band's latest CD.


drsprocket said...

Set the wayback machine Mr.Peabody. Rich, were you born in Buffalo? My family farm was in Allegeny, NY. just 50 miles south. I was born just over the line in Bradford, PA. Small world. And here we are.

Irish Rich said...

Rich, yeah waaaaay back, HAHA!

No, I was actually born in Daytona Beach, FL. My dad moved us up to Buffalo when I was little, because we had a lot of family there, and he was working for GM - Chevy Tonawanda engine plant - "The #1 Team" stickers you see on the valve covers.

Matter of fact, that plane that just crashed in Buffalo went down about 17 miles from my old house. I used to deer hunt near Allegeny.

tiptopdadddy said...

Wow, Gene Clark era Byrds and Brian Jones era Rolling Stones, two of my favorite bands! Amazing, I cant even imagine how cool that would have been.