Monday, January 19, 2009

More Ostrander Diaries.....

"Me and Tom Burke (ed. note-Tom Burke, owner of B&O Cycles - Alameda & Alamitos - in Long Beach, CA. Pat Leahy also worked there.) built this. My first Knucklehead. 18 over Wayne Engineering girder, Wassell peanut tank, '57 straightleg frame, jockey shift".
"Same machine - spool hub, Bates headlamp, Z bars".

"Same bike - Sportster tapered mufflers with the Sportster script stamped in them".

Rich also tells me that this is the bike that Choppers Magazine used for the lead-in photo shot, in their evaluation article on the Wayne Eng. girder. I know I have that magazine with the article in it somewhere in this firetrap, I'll have to dig it out.

I also wanted to tell you Tom Burke bought Von Dutch's XAVW from Randy Smith, and they used to display it in the front window of B&O. They also used to make Hessian Little Joe ride the XAVW to go get parts or whatnot, when he was just a kid.

Photos from Rich Ostrander's collection.

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