Sunday, January 4, 2009

Check this ad out, part 2

Henry Vestine - The Sunflower, lead guitarist for Canned Heat. One of my top 5 bands of all times. ".......and DON'T forget....... to boogie!".
Easyriders magazine ad, February '73
The Sunflower blows the crowd away at the Wiskey A GoGo, Hollywood, in 1968.


tiptopdadddy said...

Bob Hite, also from Canned Heat, is famous in record collecting circles. When all the old dead stock Sun label records (rare & colored vinyl of Elvis, Jerry Lee, Warren Smith, Billy Lee Riley, etc) came onto the market he purchased all that he could. He then smashed most of them to drive up the value of his remaining copies. Good thing he wasnt into bikes like his bandmate.

Irish Rich said...

I've never heard that about The Bear before. I had a friend in West Hollywood who used to trade records with him a long time ago.

I do know that when it rains in Topanga Canyon even today, and if the mudslides come, some of his old 78's will wash out of the ground where his old house used to sit.

His house in Topanga was condemned for just that reason - being in the path of a mudslide, and mudslides hitting his house.

ronwilkinson50 said...

I knew Bob Hite's brother he was a year behind me at Granada Hills High. He was a friend of John Bateman who I was closer to. Both of those guys collected records. I used to go surfing with John.