Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little progress on the VL frame......

Remember this nasty seatpost?
It took a little work, but it's finished. I needed to get this repaired first, so I'd have a solid, square foundation to work from. I wound up replacing a 3 1/2" section of the seatpost tubing.
I've got the backbone/neck section removed now, and I'm cutting the material to replace them. Then, I'll bend the replacement backbone, and the new front downtube. I have the new neck and backbone sleeves made already. We're going for a rake around 32-35 degrees when we're done.

Whenever I replace or add a section, I'm going to duplicate the double tube sleeves, like the "double 45's" right above the rear motor mount, for example. Those will be on the backbone near the seatpost, the backbone at the neck, and on the new downtube from the neck.

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