Saturday, January 28, 2012

Show Class magazine - issue 5, and the interview......

A couple months ago, Show Class magazine asked if I'd like to do an interview for their next issue. They'd Email me a series of questions, and I'd Email those back with my replies, and then I'd get a new group of questions to reply to.

They assembled the interview, and it's available in its entirety in the new issue (issue #5), which will be available to ship around (I think) the 14th of February.

If you'd like to pre-order issue #5, you can do it here:
I'd like to thank Show Class for the opportunity to do this, it was something I don't get a chance at very often. It's a cool "small sized" magazine, and I gotta give the guys there at SC a lot of credit for launching a publication like this. The inde magazine biz isn't an easy game to crack into, so my hats off to them for the effort. Thanks guys!

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