Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trophy for Alberto

Alberto is a Nomad Sinner in Jesolo, Italy. He's also the owner of the Moon (as in Mooneyes) Cafe' there. Alberto is putting on what will become an annual event - The Moon Cafe' Reunion - at the end of September. For the inaugural show, I offered to make a trophy for him to present. You can get the info for the Reunion, and also read Alberto's Blog here:

The trophy is basically things I had around the homestead and shop. The base is basswood, and assembled, it measures 9" L x 7" W x 9" tall. I cut the shape, routed the edge, then gave it a couple coats of cherry oil-based stain. After that, I hand-rubbed in 6 coats of tung oil, then when that dried, I gave it a coat of Trewax hardwood floor paste wax. The plaque has a nice, warm look to it.

The gear is an old Rivera-Primo Brute III starter ring gear that I TIG'd a couple feet to, and the compass is a cheapie from Horror Freight. Ok, I didn't do the brass plaque, my local trophy shop handled that.

I feel that trophies like this are the best kind to get. Anybody can waltz down to the award shop, and pick up a bunch of trophies to hand out. But, when Ive gotten one like this in a show, these type of trophies are the ones that mean the most, I think.

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