Tuesday, September 20, 2011

" And, it's..........Ladies Night! "

It was quite the last couple days here as far as the ladies go. Marilyn Stemp, Executive Editor of IronWorks magazine was in town, and she had Emailed me before she got here, and wondered "....if a nosy magazine-type" could stop by on Sunday. I'd never met Marilyn, although we've Emailed back and forth, and she wrote the story for the feature of the rigid Shovel I built for Chris Worrell in the May/June 2010 issue of IW. So, I was stoked she was taking the time out of her hectic week-end schedule to stop at my place.

Well, let me tell you, we had a great couple hours here shooting photos, and shooting the breeze. She's one of the nicest women I've met connected with the magazine/ bike world, and it was a pleasure to have her here, and I know she enjoyed the time as well. Part-timer Steve was even able to stop for a while while she was here.

The afternoon went all too fast, and of course, me being a dumbass, I never thought to get a photo with Marilyn untill she drove away! So, I'm sorry Marilyn, this is the best I could do on short notice, babe!

Next, the phone rang today, and it was really a surprise to hear another real sweetheart, Vyvyan Ross (widow of Phil Ross, of Super Max belt drive fame) on the other end of the line. She said Phil had been poking her around out in the shop to call me, so she thought she better get it done! I'm glad she called, and we spent about an hour catching up on everything.

Best news she had to share was that Phil's brother has been getting up to speed, and for the last couple months, has been making the Super Max primary drives again. Yep, you heard right! Vyvyan has always done the rear belt pulley poly overlays since Phil passed, but Phil wasn't able to pass along enough of the info she needed to keep the belt drive production going. But, that's all changed now, thanks to Phil's brother's efforts.

So, if you've always coveted a Phil Ross Super Max primary belt drive setup, or Super Max secondary belt drive, you can have it now. Vyv also said that they can do the overlays on the transmission belt pulleys again, too!

Vyvyan Ross and myself kickin' it at her place in Cottonwood, AZ last December.
Here's the contact info you'll need:
For rear pulley overlays only, contact Vyvyan

(928) 649-2836

For all primary and secondary belt drive kits only

(800) 604-8030

All the information and drive applications you'll need to reference is still on the Super Max website, so look it over before you call:


Glennon said...

Was taken back by how cool and into the whole scene both of these women were. Not every day you meet females like these. Pleasure meeting and knowing them for sure.

Dave Polgreen said...

Hey Rich, Phil Ross' brother is named Norm, a really nice guy and good to deal with. I recently had to replace a rear pulley on a supermax belt drive setup and he replaced it for dirt cheap. The belt drives are really cool and light, I will be running one on the shovel I am building.

Noot said...

Weird - I just talked to Supermax (new move to Nevada)

Dennis Stemp put my '61 CH in Ironworks June '99 Centerfold Bike! Me and Dennis used to talk all things Sportster on the phone. His wife IS 1st class that she kept it all going.

Irish Rich said...

Noot! Phil's brother Norm (thank you, Dave! I have Old Timer's Desease) is in Nevada, Vyv is still in Cottonwood, Arizona. That's why the two different phone numbers.

And, don't be such a sally, go to Brooklyn next year, and take Spina with you!

Marilyn still has the Panster, by the way......