Friday, July 8, 2011

New T shirts, new name......

For Born Free III, we decided to have some new shirts printed, so we could sell them at the event. So, without reservation, we contacted Andy, at American Icon. Andy does some of the best printing out there, so give him a shout when you need something:

Andy and his crew went above and beyond for us at the 11th hour- getting the artwork print ready, printing the shirts, and shipping them out to Kirk Taylor in Novato, CA so he could bring them down for us to BF. But, us here realizing that the shirts might not get to Kirk before he left on Friday, we called Andy. Andy tried his best for us to catch the shipment at the various terminals to make sure they arrived in time. Guess what? UPS said in effect "Nothing we can do, fuck you very much, and please use UPS again for all your shipping needs!"

So, needless to say, they arrived in Novato 5 hours after Kirk needed to leave to get to L.A. on time. Sucks, but that's life. We have them here in stock now, ready to ship, in Mens LG, XL, and 2XL. I'll also have them in my booth at Love Thy Chopper July 16.

Click the link at the upper R/H corner of the blog to order, or take this link below:


Andy said...

such a bummer Rich... but the prints came out amazing. Thanks for the kind words. Buy a shirt!!!!

Irish Rich said...

I got them back here yesterday, and actually seeing them in person was cool....the printing and the colors were top notch, first class all the way. Very nice.

Thanks again, Andy, they look killer.