Sunday, August 16, 2009

A short post.....

Actor and wrestler Mel Rossi didn't let his size deter him from owning one very cool chopper. Can you just imagine tooling around late at night on your hog after a full night of partying, and out of nowhere, a dwarf chopper jockey, on a dwarf chopper, goes blasting by you?
The bike had a full-house, ported/polished, dual-carbed 650 pre-unit Triumph stuffed into a '57 Mustang frame, along with the Triumph primary and 4 speed transmission. The rear brake came from an AJS, and the gas/oil tank combo was an axed Harley. Paint and flames by Dean Jefferies. Wow!

Hey, I bet when it came time to file his taxes, Mel Rossi used the short form, huh? Oo-fah!

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