Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"An'....we gone, 'bye...."

We're riding out of here tomorrow morning, headed for Sturgis for the 23rd time since '82. Man, I can't believe it's this time of year again. There are so many old friends to see, and a lot of new people to meet, I can't wait to hit the road. Having seen everybody all loaded down, and headed North for the last two weeks always makes it worse for me. Especially this year, because I was so broke last year, and couldn't afford to make the run. That sucked.

All you whiney-asses that say Sturgis sucks, stay the fuck home, OK? 75% of the whiners have never even pointed a wheel towards Sturgis, and they never will. Sit in front of your computers and grumble about trailers and do-rags, and all the bozo heads that show up. Really, who gives a fuck about those people? If they want to stand around in leather skull caps and chaps, and smoke cigars on their trailered up bikes, with a 3 day growth of "tough guy" beard, It's no skin off my nose. I've got too many good times planned to worry about those people. That's their idea of fun, and they'll enjoy themselves, too. They won't be spoiling my good time, I have 500 square miles of Black Hills to cover, with a good woman seated behind me.

See you back here in about a week!


Chris K said...

Well put. You got to do what you like regardless of what others think or do. If you let the jerks get under your skin, you may as well give up bikes altogether.

Have a safe ride and a good time.

Anonymous said...

tell the douche jabber jaws to lick you bag, have a blast a great part of america the black hills

JD's Custom Cycles said...

right on man! ride for yourself and no one else!

mind pill said...

that`s pure thought....keep keepin` it real. have fun/ride safe.