Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cycle World magazine.....February, 1967


Hermit said...

Richard L. Hart is the kind of guy who doesn't let his kids put sugar in their cereal and bangs his old lady with the lights off.

WhitelinePsycho said...

I dunno on this one Herm . . . I'm about as far from a 'cube' or a 'straight' as you could get but there is some small element of truth to bits of his 40 year old argument when it comes to some gigs involving bikes and rods etc. Write off and be as wild as you like wherever you want I say, just don't let it fuck with my enjoyment of the race, the show, the band, the film, the whatever, that's pretty much always been my approach. This is not aimed at the 1%er community either, who generally self-regulate in my thirty plus years of experience, just kooks and pretenders who figure it's o.k to ruin everyone else's good time, we all see these same kinda mindless cretins doing their Neanderthal thing at nearly every event we go to at some point . . . I get the vibe we're all pretty much united on that part of it at least, just a poofteenth of of the term 'respect' I guess, you can be hard as nails and totally bad yet still be cool. Sorry to dribble on, cheers from, Old Stick in the Mud.

brad said...

Typical FIB.
If it's all about the riding, then it don't matter where the riding happens.
To have to be at the "scene" is just that - not about the ride.