Thursday, July 26, 2012

Asked to contribute.....

Timothy Barton is doing an ongoing series of books on metalshaping, and long-lost and modern tooling to accomplish the same. The series is called......Metalshaping (natch!) The Lost Sheet Metal Machines. If you're at all interested in sheetmetal forming and fabrication, I'm sure you'll find these books pretty interesting. Each book on his site has a table of contents you can view, too. You can check out his whole series, and his future DVD sets here:

Books #1-4 are available now, and books #5-7 soon to hit the presses. Tim asked me if I would contribute to Chapter 12, in book #5 - Engine-Turning and Surface Brushing. I'm pretty stoked that Tim sought me out, and felt that what I had to offer was knowledgeable enough to be included in this chapter. I've never been asked to do something like this before, so I was pretty excited about the whole prospect.

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