Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On a happier note...pretty stoked about this!

I've been lusting for a set these cast finned Shovelhead rocker boxes from Josh at Throwback MC Parts, Santa Clara CA ever since I saw the prototypes in their vendor space at Born Free III last year. Well, I got an Email from Josh, and they're ready to start shipping.....and I have one of the first production sets on their way to me. Nice!

The styling of these rocker boxes is definately rooted in the old Offenhauser and Lycoming days. They have that radial aircraft cylinder and early Indy/sprint car vibe going on about them when they're installed. They're going right on the Shovel in my CFL single looper-framed project.

These are sand cast, machined, 100% USA made, and there's a lot of work in a set of these before they reach your doorstep, so keep that in mind before you offer up a comment here.

You can get more info on the rocker boxes, and other Throwback MC Parts here:


WhitelinePsycho said...

Great to have you and your mind back on deck mate, you've been well noted by your absence. I hope the grubs have been expelled from the 'puter and more of your archival material redeemed. Man, so stoked on the gorgeous finned Throwback covers, unreal, being a huge fan of that entire post Offy spawned trip thre'll be a set on my '74 FXE asap. Looks like he's a real low flyin brother as far as profile goes . . . that could well be about to change courtesy of your glowing endorsement !! Cheers Rich, love your work !!!

J-Rod said...

Nice boxes. I remember seeing those a while back, but never heard anything else about them. Very cool looking.

Rigid Hips Stockholm said...