Friday, June 3, 2011

Pretty much finished......

The rear leg's sleeves were pretty tricky to do. I tried a bunch of different ways to make them, and finally decided to cut two sections of the leftover tops of the radius rods to form them from. Even then, I had to open up the seams to slide them into place, then I had to clamp them to the legs, and get the final shape by working them with body hammers to fit. I'll have to add a small filler to the backside of each sleeve, then silicon bronze that in, and final contour them with the vixen file. They look nice, though, and were worth the hassle to put on.

I've seen a lot of extended springers without the sleeves, and I dunno - the back legs just look "off" without them. Most of the stock sleeves are approx. 3/4" on the short side, and 3 1/8" on the long slde. The "XA" sleeves are around 3" on the SS, 5 1/2 on the LS. I made these sleeves 2" on the SS, and 4 1/2" on the LS. I still have to fab up a stock looking brake stay, but I'll wait on that until I get my caliper bracket from Fab Kevin (who else? haha!)

Front and back forks together. I've got to drop off from these for a while, Matt's Sporty frame that I hardtailed, and his other parts are back from powdercoating, so I've got to assemble his bike. Next photos of the springer will be when they're mounted to the bike.

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