Monday, January 10, 2011

Look at this guy......

Part-timer Steve TIG 'ing together the halves of his new tank for his chopper re-do. Steve was adamant about doing every bit of work he felt he could accomplish on it this go-round, and he did a knock-down job on his tank today. The weld beads were good, and the penetration was ideal.

Steve started with a Paughco standard-sized Sporty tank blank, then he took a wedge cut out of the shell, from 1 1/4" in the front, to zero in the back. I tacked the shells together, did a little preliminary hammer & dolly work, and Steve took it from there. I had him use a .040 thoriated tungsten, and a # 5 cup.

Steve's plans call for a Frisco mounting, a rib down the center, rear mounted L/H petcock, and one of Dan Collins' new fillers. It'll be pretty nice when it's all finished. Man, if Steve keeps this up, I can drink coffee and watch Judge Joe Brown all day!

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Noot said...

Steve might just go full-time?