Thursday, June 3, 2010

By demand - some more Dennis Goodson goodness.....

I'm sure by now, you've seen Dennis Goodson's segment in "The Harbortown Bobber". If by chance you haven't, page back to my April 23, 2010 post on here to watch it. It's well worth your time. In that segment, Dennis shows and describes the construction that he did on the artist David Uhl's Knuckle bobber. At the very end, he shows and explains the "gun bag" that he made for David's bike.

These "gun bags" originally started out as something Dennis would make from time to time for special friends and clients. Well, when the HB came out, both Dennis and I got a ton of Emails and phone calls wanting to know how to purchase one of his bags. So, Dennis is going to make a very limited run of these bags, and if they are as popular as they seem, he's agreed to do another run after that, too. Every bit of the craftmanship that Dennis puts into his air cleaners and other parts carry over into these bags as well, so feast your eyes on this........
Dennis has changed the closure on his bag from a single snap, to 2 snaps, and incorporated a pull strap for the fold-over flap. The bags themselves are 6-8oz. leather, and will be available in "USMC Black", or in a "natural" finish. The natural finish will age in perfectly as it's used. The body of the bag is constructed from two full pieces of leather, formed over a steel buck that Dennis made years ago.

As with everything from Dennis Goodson, these are hand-cut, hand-formed, and hand-assembled by Dennis, one at a time. No offshore sweatshop mass production for these bags! Each bag will have its own unique individual "style", but will stay true to the original bags' lines.

Each "gun bag" comes with a heavy 420 denier nylon inner liner that zippers closed. The inner liner itself is lined with convoluted foam - just like your rifle scope and camera cases are. Perfect for safely carrying your extra glasses, cell phone, digital camera, extra smokes - whatever you want! Or, as Dennis says in the HB: "A 9mm fits....."

You can also see the double snaps for the flap closure in this photo.

Backside of the bag, showing the 3/16" thick, full polyvinyl backing plate, over the full leather back. All hardware is either stainless steel, or solid brass, and the machine stitching is heavy-duty waxed thread. The brass eyelets on the corners can be used as mounting points, and Dennis includes the screws and platenuts.

Here's the dimensions of the bag - 10 1/2" down the sides, 9" across the top, and approx. 2 1/2" deep at the top, with a slight taper to the body towards the tip.

The Goodson "Gun Bag" (here in in "USMC Black"), mounted on the R/H side of David Uhl's bike, using the fender as a mounting point. The bag can mount easily on the L/H side of the bike's frame rails (by adding a couple customer-supplied straps), or even on your FL or Softail fender struts.

OK, here's the deal. I have an exclusive on the first run of these bags. Dennis is assembling the bags now, but if you want, you can pre-order the bags thru me. Like I said before, this is going to be a limited run the first go-round, so they'll go pretty quickly. As Dennis finishes each bag, I can ship it out to the next highest person on the pre-order list.

I can take PayPal, or I can take a Visa or M/C over the phone if you like. And, as always, your card won't be charged out until your bag ships. Email me, and we'll go from there at:
The price on the bags will be $149.95 ea. + $12.00 S&H
Make sure you state weather you'd like a black or a natural finish bag, and your preferred form of reserve payment in your Email, and I'll get back with you. And, thanks from Dennis and I!

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