Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm doing two bikes, one has a 4 speed, one is a 5 in a 4 with the early 5 speed tapered mainshaft. I needed a couple clutch hub Woodruff keys (both mainshafts take the same key and hub nut), and everybody was out (?), so I stopped by the Harley Dealer. The dealer I use usually has a good selection of "obsolete" Harley parts, and usually has all the OEM 4 speed stuff on the shelves.

Well, I never noticed this before, because I never bought a bag of Woodruffs. Check out the part # 37523-15A. Yes, that's right, this same little Woodruff located Harley's clutch hubs on their tapered mainshafts for 74 years of production, with one change in that entire period. From the '15's hub, to the 10 stud hub, and thru the first wet diaphram clutch hub, right up to the '90 hub, when they switched to the splined mainshaftshaft. And, it's still in their parts inventory! Plus, it's MADE IN AMERICA! You just have to love/hate H-D.


drsprocket said...

Rich, just goes to show that some things never go out of style. By the way look hard at those photos in the new Street Chooper and you'll se the my sportster is in the background at the Dave Mann show and I'm talking to my old friend Ron in the bike line up in Schaaf's 69 mile run. Got the jacket on with the orange stripe. You just never know where Waldo will show up. Rich

Noot said...

That letter A again. It makes you wonder what the heck was the change? A key is a key. Somethin's different about it. Maybe it's the new "stylish plastic bag" it comes in??????