Monday, May 4, 2009

Mickey's jacket

In '96, I needed a new leather jacket for riding. I couldn't find anything I liked, so just to see what it would cost for a custom-made jacket, I sent for the Bates Leathers catalog. Well, they sent me all kinds of information, including a baggy full of 1" square leather samples in all of their 42 available colors.

The above flyer came with the catalog. You could still get a "duplicate" of Mickey Rourke's Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man's jacket, custom-sized and patched to fit you for only $770.00 . Also, you could get the "duplicate" pants for $465.00. What I thought was cool about this insert, was that Bates had stapled two 1" squares of the actual leather they used to make the jackets and pants from, onto the sheet.


Chris K said...

Along time ago in a galaxy far away.

I remember seeing some guy wearing one of those jackets but the time and place escapes me now.

I'm guessing the movie was released in '92?

Irish Rich said...

Close - the IMDB puts the release date as 1991.

I'm sure you saw a guy wearing one, Bartell's H-D had a hand in building Rourke's bike, and they used to sell a lot of those jacket orders thru the dealership.

Same thing with Bartell's and the Terminator-2 jackets and pants, also done by Bates Leathers. Bartell's was the place for the Hollywood crowd to get their bikes then, and they sold everything to go along with the bikes.

bbarone1408 said...

I happen to have one of these Jackets, and was thinking about selling it