Sunday, March 1, 2009

Barry Feinstein photography

Von Dutch, pinstriping a ladies high heel shoe - Reseda, CA 1966.
A pair of Von Dutch-crafted black powder pistols, the top a caplock, the bottom a flintlock.

Feinstein did a whole series of photographs of Von Dutch working at his Reseda, CA home/shop in '66 - including a photograph of Dutch painting a bass drum front for The Byrds, as David Crosby and Michael Clarke watch the work progress.


tiptopdadddy said...

Damn Rich! Why didnt you post that pic of Kenny with the Byrds?!!! I'll have to look for that.

Irish Rich said...


If I post everything at once, there won't be any thing left to wow you guys with. Everybody will be like "Ho-hum...".

Besides, I like being a little tease!

tiptopdadddy said...

Couldnt wait. I found a pic of Michaeal Clarke playing that bass drum. Unbelievably cool and another kernal of trivia for my unfocused mind. Thanks for sharing your coolness, -e

Whineryop said...

Somebody please put me in contact with Barry Feinstein. I have an 18 minute 16mm pro shot movie of The Byrds circa December 1965. It is comprised of 156 outtakes that came from the 2007 estate sale of John Dietrich, L.A. photographer. This was a promotional Byrds movie never released. Barry might know something about it. Thanks.
Whin Oppice